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About Us

Environmental Maintenance Services was founded in 2003, from ownership to our management staff we have well over 100 years in experience combined, our high standards have become recognized in commercial, office complexes, condominium residences, shopping centers, retail stores, apartment buildings and call centers.


We’ve taken great strides in becoming one of the leaders in the Janitorial industry servicing companies’ right across Ontario, with our head office based in Hamilton.


Our goal is to keep things simple and to serve your needs properly, to assure customer satisfaction and our client testimonials attest to consistently outstanding service levels. We bring more to the table than just cleaning, we want to build that relationship, the connection with our clients, always put a face to the voice, with us it’s just not about emails, phone calls it shaking your hand, saying hello in person, going out for lunch or coffee…connect with our clients.


A company many can trust to do the right thing, we listen to you and together come up with a solution to your needs. Companies come to us when we solve the problem of whatever is bother them at the time.


Environmental Maintenance Services currently has vehicles and special crews on the road and administering an operation as large and as complex as ours requires a highly motivated and trained management team plus staff.


Floor-Cleaning Machine


"Great janitorial service doesn't just happen, it happens because someone cares. 

At Environmental Maintenance Services, we care and this is not just a cliche it’s factual". 

Our Mission

Choose a company with integrity, who puts your needs above all else, growth comes with many costs but one thing is certain we will not compromise cleaning in order to obtain new business. 

Our Vision

"Price is the ultimate decision factor in the absence of distinction." 

Environmental Maintenance Services pride ourselves in being distinctive.


Cleaning Problem?  

We won’t just mask it or have a band aid approach, it will be dealt with in a timely manner and assure it will not occur again.   


Cleaning Ladies on Laptop.png


Why Choose Us


Keep things simple and to serve your needs properly. We assure customer satisfaction and our client testimonials attest to consistently outstanding service levels. 

Always Available

We will work closely with you to address your issues and concerns, we will work closely with you in order to fully understand what fits best with you, staff and customer/client’s needs, once this is established we’ll design a customize cleaning service. 


Inform about the janitorial process and products, outlining our responsibilities to you, which include: Complete Disclosure, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Compliance and Accountability. 

Inspections & Reports

We will also offer you expert inspections and provide more in-depth analysis and advice.

Honest Pricing

Help you explore your financing options so you make the best possible decision.

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