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Customer Service/Operations


  • We feel that our employees must be properly attired in a distinctive and recognizable uniform, we have a standardized uniform policy to ensure Environmental Maintenance Services staff is easily recognized.
  • (On equipment, products, procedures, alarm(s), staffing needs, etc.)
  • Issus or concerns, dealt with quickly.
  • Listen to our clients.
  • Staff awareness to avoid complacency.
  • Unsatisfied services redone. Customer services is very important to us, we don’t just say we’ll handle it, we assure it is done.



  • We offer our clients expert inspections (and reports is requested) and provide more in-depth analysis and advice.
  • We are committed to quality, This commitment is reflected in our company mission statement as well as our daily approach to the job. 
  • Environmental Maintenance Services, we understand the importance of a formal Quality Assurance Program to maintain and measure this commitment to quality.
  • Every member of the management team will be available and accessible to our clients to discuss issues and concerns that will improve the quality of service we are providing at site locations, in addition to the daily Supervisor’s Reports and the Monthly Quality Assurance Report, there are two other important methods of communication that are essential in a successful Quality Assurance Program, the Log Book and Client Liaisons Meetings.
  • Communication is KEY, we need to ensure this is always established between us, client and client, cleaner and us and cleaner, everyone is always aware of activities/actions and events.
  • All levels of management at Environmental Maintenance Services are responsible for maintaining quality control procedures, however, Quality Assurance is a combined effort by all levels of management and staff.


Modern Architecture

Fully bonded and insured crews; WSIB covered; WHMIS trained, Fully trained personnel. Very low rate of personnel turnover. 

Conducting periodic cleaning inspections with reports.

We use ONLY top quality equipment and materials to ensure the best possible cleanliness.

“Cleaning is not on everyone’s list of priorities but it is a necessity”.

Let us design a custom program that fits with you. For more information click the button.

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