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Our Services

Strip & Waxing

We offer a range of quality strippers and waxes to ensure your floors looks its best. 

Carpet Extractions

Every so often accidents occur, spilled coffee, spilled drinks, stains, we have to proper equipment and products to remove stains and odors. 

Spring & Fall Cleaning

When the time arises and the need to freshen up the office we have the crews to complete these tasks

Special Occasion Projects

Rather its a client or a special reason we have you covered, simply notify us of the dates and we'll ensure it's done.  

Post Construction Clean

Rather its a new renovation or new build we can help clean it up after the work is done. 

Emergency Cleaning

We all never want to have an emergency but if it does happen you can count on us to be there.

Specialty Services

Whatever your need is at the time we can help arrange the work to be competed. 

Power Washing

We can clean your exterior and interior needs with different types of power washers. 

Crews & Technician

With crews on the road completing specialty work and our technician to ensure our equipment is always in proper working conditions. 



Please call or email for a free quote 905.820.9400

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